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Disproportional Nose?

Rhinoplasty is the operation that corrects the function and the appearance of the nose. Usualy theese problems go toghether. The plastic surgeon is trained to correct a deviated septum and hypertrophic conchas to restore nasal breathing. He is also highly trained to restore the apearance of the nose to perfection without compromising its function. The main aesthetic points of a nose are examined and corrected.

Dorsum: Is the frontline of the nose. The most common deformity is a hump, that can be removed and shaped.

Length: A nose can be large in length, having a downword shape or covering part of the lip. The tip is then elevated surgicaly at the point we desire.

Base: The base defines how wide a nose is. Usually a wide nose is also round at the dorsum. At this case the nose is being narrowed at the base and also reshaped to be thin at the dorsum.

Tip: The tip can usually be wide or "boxy" with the nosestrils being wide aswell. This can be corrected by trimming the cartilages and shaping them to give an excelent refinement.

When we change one proportion of the nose, then the other aspect of the nose are relatively altered. A plastic surgeon is trained to examine the 3D structure of the nose and treat it as an anatomical system, balancing all aspects, so that the final result is harmonious and completely natural.

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